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11 Must See  Destinations // Best in Travel for 2017


Planning Your Trip:

10 Item Checklist & Resources for Your Next Adventure

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a new to this whole thing, there are some essential questions you should be asking yourself and things you should be checking off your pre-trip checklist. Below is your one-stop-shop for questions to ask & resources to find answers!






Solo Female Travel

Featured: Why I chose Thailand to loose my solo travel training wheels

I was lured in from a young age, always so attracted to its obvious pristine beauty, spiritual Buddhist culture, and its far flung position on the globe from where I lived. It almost seemed like a collection of magic and full purity. I needed to know more. 

So, with little preparation or warning to my family, I left a job I completely adored and a very comfortable life in Los Angeles and booked a one-way ticket to Thailand. Knowing no one. Leaving with no one. ‘It will work out,’ I told myself.



4 Countries Built for Solo Travel


Spontaneous Travels!

Featured: That One Time I Booked a Trip to Amsterdam & Left 4 hours Later

How living in the moment lead me to one of my favorites travel stories &&&& my top travel sites that make traveling on a whim doable!