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Banff, Alberta, Canada

Say what? Where is that? Just outside of Calgary in the province of Alberta within the beautiful and wildly gigantic Canada. Literally booked a trip to see if those turquoise waters were real life.

Spoiler alert: she's the real deal.


Coastal Maine Road Trip. In fall. 

A little secret from Maine-ers themselves, Maine during the autumn months is unrivaled. Sure, those who are born and raised there are quick to tell you that their home is quite superb, perhaps the most superb, but from everyone I came across, they said it with humbled appreciation. And like most people I know, I absolutely adore fall. So it made sense that on a rainy New York Monday, I made arrangements for a solo road trip up the coast of Maine.


Oregon: 4-Day Road Trip Guide!

I’m not sure when my love affair began but it did, in full. I booked a trip out west, rented a car in Portland, and spent four days on the road finally exploring and finding the fruits of my google image stalking labor. 

Oregon you's a little flirt, combining so many of my 'I love you's' 


New Mexico: 6-Day Road Trip Guide!

Built from the earth, New Mexico dances through its bloom, thatch, gem and clay. The bloom of desert flowers, the thatch of desiccated straw and beautiful woods, the gems passed on from local Indian tribes, and the red rich clay of adobe homes characterize so much of New Mexico’s charm. 

IMG_7322 (1).jpg

Quebec Province, Canada (Montreal + Quebec City).

Referred to as French Canadian lands, the province of Quebec boasts French as its mother tongue for so many of its people. Quebec City itself is tiny in size but mighty in presence, as one can feel transported into Europe when entering through its city walls. And I guess my question to this French influence was, why? So I set off to experience this province and filled in my gaps in knowledge along the way.


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