South America


San Pedro de Atacama, Northern Chile


Adventures on Mars // Adventuras en Marte. Chile's dramatic desert region that will have you questioning the natural order of things.


Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso is a major seaport town, that divides itself in ‘Cerros’ or hills. Let’s say we were on a boat looking in into the city, what you would not see is a flat neatly organized seaport. Instead, you would greet a view of jumbled elevations of land with colorful buildings managing their presence atop these hills. It is a land of coastal hills of color and cobblestone, with a funky refreshing personality that begs you to explore its streets.


Discover Chilean Wine Country

For my remaining days in Chile, I was seeking utter peace and a retreat from the constant exploration and movement of my Northern travels. Where I could sigh happily, breathe deeply and simply be.

I found that with Chile’s countryside within its Colchagua Valley. Rolling hills of sun drenched vineyards and slow easy living permeate throughout. There are so many award winning wineries that will take you happily into their arms, and show you the magic within their vineyards.


Cartagena, Colombia.

A city built from the sea, Cartagena, Colombia’s character and charm paints the town in color. The city walls, formed from coral and its architecture, a mix of Spanish colonial and Republican. To weave yourself among its alleyways, is to take a page from one of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novels and to enter deep into his prose, unchaining the world of magical realism that he so deeply champions in his Colombian literature.

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