Dubrovnik, Croatia 


Dubrovnik, Croatia sits at the lips of the Adriatic Sea as an old world walled seaport and one of Croatia’s most southern points. As the ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic,’ it takes it shape from Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic influence, encircled by its historic and ever famous ancient city walls.


Venice, Italy


Venice, Italy. A magical little island rooted deep in romance and story. Having lived in Italy and been prior a few times in my life, I had not yet been to Venice. We arrived the first week of September and were greeted with cooler breezes and fewer people.



72 hours in Prague, Czech Republic

Driving into the city and overlooking all of Prague’s expanse, is nothing short of magic. You feel transported into another land far flung from the reality that you were in prior. I have been to Prague twice and both times elicited that same feeling. It is petite yet mighty, graceful yet heavy in history, with its stunning Charles Bridge providing anchor to its ancient infrastructure.


Paris, France.


With an early morning arrival into Gare du Nord, my heavy eyes awaken from their slumber and find focus within a new city.  I shuffle into the back of a taxi and with the overflow of dawn into morning, I watch the city come to life. We have arrived in Paris.



London, England.


As the United Kingdom’s most populous city, you feel the ebb and flow of travelers and residents alike. A city often coated in its infamous (yet I find, alluring) London fog, a stroll along one of the city’s many parks showcases a devastatingly beautiful wash of greenery and grey. Buildings float into the fog, oftentimes disappearing entirely, only to reemerge when the sun’s beams create fractures between the clouds.  Within these fractures, a new perspective of the city is founded and an ever evolving muse is unbridled.


Iceland's Southern Coast. 6-Day Road-Trip Guide for the Ultimate Adventure.


A whirl around Iceland's southern coast is quite the whirlwind. You'll be ATV-ing through lava fields, climbing mountains, drenched from the mist of its waterfalls, and completely in awe of earth's display of raw beauty.  


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