11 Must See Destinations! Best in Travel for 2017

Dearest travelers, let’s get packing.

We’ve got a world to explore! 11 places on my travel bucket list, 3 of which I’ve been but wanting to get back! The ‘why, the when, the how much and the best for’ for all your travel inspo!


Banff National Park + Jasper National Park, Canada

Sri Lanka



Botswana, Africa



Ubud, Indonesia




Banff National Park + Jasper National Park, Canada

WHY: This is a place where magic exists. Have you seeeeen the crystal blue lake waters? Wild frontier, road trip heaven. The blue waters of Lake Louise and Lake Moraine will have your jaw to the floor and heart in a whirl. Hiking, biking, kayaking, glacier trekking.  Pack your road trip snacks – get going!

WHEN: May-October. (Winter, if you are into snow sports).

HOW MUCH: Moderate – Expensive. Canada itself is not inexpensive and the best way to experience this area because it is so spread out, is by renting a car. Banff town is not necessarily known for its cuisine either so you’ll save on money spent eating out if you pack for picnics (preferred, as well!). Camping, hostels, budget accommodation, and resorts are all available here.

BEST FOR: adventure travel, outdoors, landscapes, road trips

 Lake Louise, Banff, Canada

Lake Louise, Banff, Canada

Sri Lanka

WHY: Just off the coast of India, lies the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Home to eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, temples, rainforests, beaches, and it is all too humbling Uda Walawe National Park, Sri Lanka bursts with adventure. Because tourism has been slow to build, there is a certain awe found within discovering its much unseen terrain.

WHEN: December – April (driest time of year)

HOW MUCH: Inexpensive. For most, the initial flight to Sri Lanka will be your biggest expense. Food, accommodation, and getting around are all quite inexpensive.

BEST FOR: Cultural endeavors, retreats, landscapes, beaches, wildlife

 Udawalawe National Park, Sri Lanka  Credit:  https://gypsealust.com

Udawalawe National Park, Sri Lanka

Credit: https://gypsealust.com


WHY: Simply because I want to float over Bagan, witnessing the sunrise by hot air balloon. Though Southeast Asia is well travelled every year, somehow Myanmar is less spoken about than its neighbors, Thailand and Vietnam. Discover even just a few of its thousands of temples, and you’ll be hooked. Its warm, welcoming people and calming floating gardens of the Inle Lake region are undescrible.

WHEN: Late November – Early April

HOW MUCH: Inexpensive. Biggest price tag will be your flight. Food, accommodation, transport are all very affordable.

BEST FOR: Cultural endeavors, retreats, landscapes

 Bagan, Myanmar  Credit: TheSundayChapter.com

Bagan, Myanmar

Credit: TheSundayChapter.com


WHY: Philippines, you are a secret that hasn’t gotten out yet. An expansive archipelago of over 7,000 islands, the Phillipines have some of the world’s most pristine, untouched beaches. Clear turqoiuse waters, volcanoes, lush mountainous rice terraces, and the friendliest of people make this country a must-see-and-potentially-stay-for-a-long-time type of place. If you’re seeking adventure or serenity, you’ll find it here.

WHEN: Late November – Early April. Driest season.

HOW MUCH: Inexpensive. This is truly a something for everyone type of place. Again, the initial cost will most likely be your highest price tag. Accommodation ranges from a few dollars a night to a few hundred for extremely high end places. Transportation between sights and islands (via local transport, boats, ferries) are great inexpensive options of getting around. Private hiring of drivers and/or boats are also available, though come with a much higher cost. Food is cheap, served in big portions and delicious.

BEST FOR: Beaches, adventure, landscapes, retreats

Botswana, Africa

WHY: A land of every wild. Truly indescribable place, wildly adventrourus in every way. Safaris will have you so enterwined with wildlife, including big cats, elephants, zebras and more. Experience a full immersion in nature, spending nights by campfire listening to the light chorus of animal calls. Stand tall and feel small against the ever expansive desert, watching the sunrise and fall, illuminating an uninterrupted blanket of stars.

WHEN: May – Early September (driest season)

HOW MUCH: Expensive. While the country itself is not expensive, it is extremely difficult to navigate the wilderness without a safari or guided tour. Flights to Botswana can be expensive as well.  

BEST FOR: Wildlife, outdoor adventure, safaris

 Il Delta dell'Okavango, Botswana  Credit: http://trendytraveler.tumblr.com/

Il Delta dell'Okavango, Botswana

Credit: http://trendytraveler.tumblr.com/


WHY: Rugged adventure awaits you in this South American wonder. Jeep adventures across the world’s largest (and most stunning) salt flat, mountainoius treks to discover Incan ruins, and sun soaked retreats on Isla del Sol have people falling in love with this lesser travelled Latin gift. Bordered by Chile, Peru, and Brazil, this country can either be your amazing destination all in its own or as part of a larger South American tour.

WHEN: June - October

HOW MUCH: Inexpensive. Bolivia itself is quite inexpensive. Food, accommodation, travel is very affordable. Private tours or extended day trips can start to add up but remain attainable.

BEST FOR: Outdoor adventure, landscapes

 Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia  Credit:   defactasap.tumblr.com

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Credit:  defactasap.tumblr.com


WHY: For the ultimate outdoor adventure. Iceland is small, easily navigated, and packed with some of Earth’s most dramatic landscapes and wonders. Waterfalls, cliffs, glaciers, Northern Lights, green mountains will have you humbled when standing next to their grandeur. Tourism is strong there, so if you do not plan to rent a car, you’ll still be able to experience Iceland through many of the group + private tour offerings. Summer days are met with 18+ hours of daylight, which is perfect for your exploring.

WHEN: Late May – Early October. Though, if optimizing for the Northern Lights, September – April is your best bet.

HOW MUCH: Expensive. Everything in Iceland is VERY expensive. The cheapest part of the equation may actually be your flight. Though hostels are very common and can be really nice, they are still quite costly. Private dorm rooms can exceed 120+ US dollars. Food, tours, car rentals, gas will all be above average. Pretty much everywhere accepts credit card so passing along currency.  Tips to minimize costs: travel during shoulder season, book in advance, travel with friends (splitting car + gas money costs, booking shared hostel rooms together), and grocery shop for picnics!

BEST FOR: Outdoor adventure, landscapes, road trips

Ubud, Indonesia

WHY: Ubud is far removed from the busyness that much of Bali, one of Indonesia’s larger islands, has now been soaked with. Known as the cultural epicenter of Bali , arts, crafts, yoga, and sweeping calm envelopes the area. Shades of green blanket its land while stunning terraced rice fields descend over mountains. Champion of the soulful and creative type, its temples, greenery, and serenity are a muse for many artists.

WHEN: June-Early September.

HOW MUCH: Inexpensive – Moderate. Travel to Indonesia will most likely be your biggest cost. Though still affordable, Ubud during peak seasons can become costly. Accommodation fills up, so book early for your best prices, and consider travelling in shoulder season to have more bang for your buck that Southeast Asia is generally known for.

BEST FOR: Cultural endeavors, retreats, landscapes

 Tegalalang Tice Terrace, Ubud, Bali  Credit: William Waterfall 

Tegalalang Tice Terrace, Ubud, Bali

Credit: William Waterfall 


WHY: Argentina, a country of so much diversity in terrain it warrants several trips if you are not afforded the luxury of time. Buenos Aires provides a visitors with a rich hello, its stunning and world renound Mendoza wine country keep us feeling warm and tipsy, and its diversity of landscape have us in awe. Patagonia, the Andes mountains, glacier lakes, and Iguazo Falls are some of earth’s most stunning displays of its beautyall packed into one country.

WHEN: November - February

HOW MUCH: Moderate. The flight will be your biggest expense. Food, accommodation, and tours can all be found at reasonable prices. If you are short on time, travel within Argentina can also be a bigger expense as you may choose to fly instead of take long haul buses. Patagonian treks (camping + trekking) are very expensive, so plan ahead and optimize for how you want to spend your time in order to save money.

BEST FOR: Outdoor adventure, landscapes, wine

 Iguazu Falls, Argentina  Credit:  http://beautyharmonylife.com

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Credit: http://beautyharmonylife.com


WHY: It’s a tiny, little European country that packs so much beauty into its borders. Truly, Slovenia encapsulates a fairytale setting. Nestled amongst the alps, Slovenia becomes a kaledisocope of colors in spring and fall. Its charming architecture and lake towns and ever inspiring countryside could actually be Europe’s best kept secret. During the spring, summer, and fall months, towns become an outdoor delight, where visitors and residents alike enjoy meals al fresco, outdoor dancing, and various festivals.

WHEN: April - October

HOW MUCH: Moderate – Expensive. Because it is a European country, it will be a bit pricier. This country is best when navigated by car, adding an additional expense.

BEST FOR: Cultural endeavors, wines, landscapes, retreats

 Lake Bled, Slovenia  Credit:  ThePhotoGuy.dk

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Credit: ThePhotoGuy.dk


WHY: So incredibly rich in tradition, color, craft, and pattern, Morocco has been inspiring people for ages. Its lovable livlihood and energy create a different type of beauty, and exploring the Sahara Desert by camelback is an experience second to none. Ceremonial tea provide a warm welcome into the country and its mixture of mountain, desert, and coast keep them staying.

WHEN: November - March

HOW MUCH: Inexpensive – Moderate.

BEST FOR: Cultural endeavors

 Marrakech, Morocco  Credit:  Ohhcouture.com

Marrakech, Morocco

Credit: Ohhcouture.com